KPM 15-S sideboard long tail

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The legend is alive!

Remember the good times, as kayaks with engines like dragonfly, Zuendapp etc... - witch you can still see today - were on the way on all waters in eastern and western Germany ! Many paddlers cherisch their hobby and preserve their "little baby" for the future .

Sideboard long tail Type KPM 15 S
with Honda-engine
four stroke cycle 1,2 KW (1,64 HP)

Unfortunately the building of the engines was stopped some years ago. The technique was not anymore on the newest state, there were deficits at the environment-friendliness, the consumption, weight and noise level. Because of the small quantities, an economical manufacturing was not more possible.

The legend goes on !

We succeeded with developping and building a worthy successor .
This engine has enough power and small fuel consumption and is produced in a small but fine company in handiwork. It is a real "lightweight" because of using new materials.
With few handle, you can mount or remove the engine and/or disassemble it for transport. The delivered standard mount suits on almost all kayaks and canoes without any modification of the boat. With a tank filling of 0,6 liters you can go, according to loading, up to two hours, for example to relax and get some power back or to let quickly a chanel behind you with engine power .

Technical Data



35,8 ccm


over all 1640 mm


290 mm


295 mm

Pack. measures

shaft drive
disassembled : 1420 mm


1,2 kW (1,64 HP)

Max. thrust

1,64 Nm / 4500 rpm.


max. 7000 rpm.



Tank content

0,6 Liter

Fuel type

ordinary (0,92 Oktan)


Planetary gearing with centrifugal coupling


7,5 kg engine, Gearbox, shaft drive, fuel tank empty


1360,- EUR incl. standard mounting set


Tank up system

Price : 148,-- Euro


- 5 Ltr. fuel tank
- fuel hose Length 2 Mtr.
- Tank ventilation hose Length 2 Mtr.
- Hand pump
- Tank cap for additional tank and engine tank