PRM – mounting tips

PRM Hydraulic Boat Reversing Gear Mechanisms


  • By PRM 150, the oil-level gauge has to be free from fat and dirt because it has a small ventilation hole.

  • By PRM gear, the ventilation must be keeped cleanly.

  • By PRM 1000 the second delivered ventilation must always be mounted.

  • By exceeding the max. mounting angle, please request information (only per e-mail).

  • A good alignment of the prop shaft onto the gear is important, also the centering of the flywheel case onto the engine and the damper plate onto the flywheel.

  • Mount only prescribed oil coolers.

  • The switching path of the control lever must be compared with the switching path of the control lever at the control panel.

  • It is recommended to treat the coming in wave with copper fat .

  • For engines with less as 4 cylinders, there are often other standards concerning maximum performance.

  • The only correct way to change the oil is to draw it off through the drain at the bottom of the gearbox.

  • Look at oil level at the oil-level gauge in screwed in position.

N.B. All PRM hydraulic boat reversing gear mechanisms are equipped with a thrust bearing on the outgoing wave